About us

"Dedicated to efficient and effective client-servicing"
We prize ourselves in our unparallel dedication to excellent client-servicing, and in providing our clients with quality and ethical legal services. We set targeted, efficient and effective methods that are cost-conscious when we approach a matter. From the onset we investigate the right course for our clients to pursue. We quickly assess the case, and we handle it in the most efficient and effective manner and we are unrelenting in defending and safeguarding our clients’ interests.

We provide a thorough and an accurate assessment of the case, in order to make suitable recommendations to our clients.

We are solutions-based in our approach, and we focus on the best outcomes in our client’s matters. Unlike the proverbial sausage factory, we do not treat our clients like the proverbial sausages, but we deal with our clients - one client at a time. We treat each case with empathy and much specialty. We make our clients our primary focus, because without our clients there is no us.
Due to our years of experience previously as Public Prosecutors, We deal largely with Criminal Defence in the Magistrate's Courts, Regional Courts, and Higher Courts. 

We are General Practitioners and deal with general legal matters such as Civil, Criminal and Commercial Litigation, Road Accident Fund Claims, Personal Injury claims, Family Law, Drafting of legal Contracts, Wills and Estates, Debt Collection, Immigration, Legal advice.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can be of assistance.